Theme Of Tension In To Kill A Mockingbird

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The movie leaves out a few important characters. There’s no Aunt Alexandria, Uncle Jack, Mr. Avery, and the movie combines Ms. Rachel and Ms. Stephanie. In the movie, no one fusses at Scout for being dirty, wearing overalls, or doing all the things the boys do. In the book, Aunt Alexandria tries to make Scout into a proper girl, and this causes a lot of tension. Without this character, this tension isn't there. Harper Lee uses this is to show the pressure on Scout to fit into society and the gender inequality the girls had to deal with back then. Also, there is no Uncle Jack in the movie. This means the children never got guns for Christmas. This causes the Mockingbird lesson to have less impact. The guns are to symbolize power and the children gaining some responsibility. It is mentioned only very briefly in the movie. Also the movie doesn’t show Scout’s relationships with each of her neighbors. Mr. Avery is never even mentioned, and Ms. Rachel’s and Ms. Stephanie’s characters are combined.…show more content…
First off, there is no rumor of Boo in his childhood in the movie, nor do Jem, Scout, and Dill play their “Radley Game”. This leaves out the lesson Atticus tries to teach the children about others’ privacy and trying to see things from someone else’s point of view. Also, in the movie, Jem doesn’t tear apart Ms. Dubose’s flower bushes, which means he doesn't have to spend a month reading to her. Nor does Ms. Dubose die, so Atticus doesn’t get to show Scout and Jem that there might be more to people than you think. In the book, Scout and Jem have multiple fights, this is to show Jem growing up, maturing, and trying to take charge. Without these fights, you don't see the changes in Jem as
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