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TWHF Chapters 1-5 Till We Have Faces by C. S. Lewis based on the myth of Cupid and Psyche. The story is told from the point of view of Psyche’s sister, Orual. It takes place a long time ago near Greece but that is not expanded upon much. Lewis writes in a way that gives information and context so we really believe that the character Orual is writing it. The tone is this work is very descriptive and emotional because of the emphasis on characters feelings and the way in which they act. As a reader it is easy to see things from Orual’s point of view and it feels as if this book was really written by her. Orual is the narrator and main character of Till We Have Faces. She tells us that she is the oldest of three daughters. Her father is the King of Glome, and a very aggressive and physical man who bothers Orual, making her feel worthless and insecure. She feels that she is unloveable and will never be married. She becomes controlling and dependent. This perspective is the result of her fathers abusive interactions with her.…show more content…
Orual leaves Redival to be lonely when Orual favors the Fox and Psyche. Redival often feels ignores and left out by her social groups. Even her father thinks of her the least. Redival is sometimes seen as superficial and would often sneak off with men. She seeks to be in love and lusts after men. This behavior could simply be the result of her beauty mixed with her charm and selfishness. Psyche is the youngest daughter to the King. She is born and, to her fathers disappointment, she is a girl. Psyche grows up to be beautiful and catch the eye of many people. She is cursed to fall in love with a monster and when she does get married, she is not allowed to look at her husband. At first, she is okay with this. As time goes on and her sisters begin to ask questions, she becomes more doubtful. This ultimately leads to her

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