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The theme of the story Of Sound Mind is that change can be difficult, but you have to adapt to it. Of Sound Mind by Jean Ferris is a story about a hearing twelfth grade boy with a deaf family. Theo was trying to adapt to what was happening around him and to his family. In the text Theo had to get a sitter for his father who had a stroke because he had school and his mother would not do it. Theo doesn't know whether his mother is being a deva, or so scared that she might lose her husband that she didn't do it. It also might be because Theo's mother is afraid that she might lose the one person who motivated her and loved her. In the end Theo and his friends and family learned to adapt to change. Palma, Theo's mother, was so emotional and irrational in the story even though she was deaf. In the story Palma signed to Theo, I want you to stay and take care of your father. She obviously wanted Theo to quit school and take care of his father. Even though Thomas, Theo's father, would not be happy about that. Theo once found her in her studio signing, Scared. Theo realized she was a scared as to what will happen as him. Though he could not forgive her for being a deva, he still felt bad for her. Palma was both emotional or irrational in the…show more content…
In the story it said,"The doctor was on the phone and told Theo of his father's condition." Thomas had a stroke, and that meant bad things were going to happen because Thomas carried all the weight of the family, he was the one who did everything in the family. Now that Thomas had a stroke they all had to split the burden. "Theo hired Ivy's neighbors to be sitters," the narrator said in the story. Theo did that because they were learning sign language and they could understand what his family were saying. Also Theo can then go to school and not worry about his father because Ivy's neighbors were close friends of Ivy. That taught Theo to adapt to changes like the theme of the

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