Symphonie Fantastique Analysis

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The Symphonie Fantastique by Hector Berlioz written in 1830 and performed by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra was a concerto like no other. This concert was conducted by Stephane Deneve, with solos from various instrument groups including the oboes, harps, and violins. Between the dreamy like feeling throughout and the feel of impending doom among other feeling throughout, I felt like parts of this was a high for this composer. As history has taught us, it is believed that Berlioz was under the influence of opium while he wrote this piece. It is quite apparent throughout as you can hear the many different emotions of the composer. In the first movement of the piece “Reveries-Passions”, there are many melodies and themes present. Although kind…show more content…
It leaves me to a feeling of uncertainty and wanting to know what is going to happen next. When the 2 harps come in, played by Sarah Pullen, Principal, and Lynne Turner, the artistic sounds of the movement is just that must more wonderful. They bring about a dream-like state of mind, yet the sound reminds us that we are very much alive. There is a Waltz type melody that continuously interrupts in sections of this movement, but both the original composer and this orchestra have done an amazing job at intertwining it into the movement to keep with the…show more content…
There are so many tempo changes throughout this piece, at first it was hard to keep up with my feeling about it. Introductions into this piece are very slow or largo. This makes this last movement sound very ominous, yet a great variation for mainly the string instruments. Then the composer has changed the tempo to allegro, making for a faster tempo. He then changes to allegro assai, quite faster than allegro alone. Changing back to allegro, then you can hear the alla breve, or half-not pulses, with a decrescendo throughout. It is almost like the day of wrath in this final movement. After getting my emotions about this movement into tact, I get the overwhelming feeling of life, death, and of objects I have only dreamt

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