A Sound Of Thunder, There Will Come Soft Rains, And The Pedestrian

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Bradbury Through His Work Google, the most search site and Ray Bradbury, the author of many fictional stories, filled with different themes. "A Sound of Thunder," "There Will Come Soft Rains," and "The Pedestrian," will be compared to see their equivalence and differences. All the three stories will show Bradbury's writing style, with the three stories, they will uncover his opinions over certain things that are discussed or read in the text. The stories all are about different things from technology to dinosaurs. The story "A Sound of Thunder" is a story about time travel, the past, and small things. The story takes place in the future, where a hunter named Eckels pays money to a Time Safari Inc. so he can travel to the past to kill a dinosaur.…show more content…
The main character, Mr. Leonard Mead, is walking, just walking, as simple as this sounds, but it is strange in his society. The streets are empty, the crimes rates have stopped, there's only a police car left. Where is everyone? They are watching television, the TV has deprived them from doing things like go outside, do crime, read, play outside, or even be individuals. The TV has become an addiction. Mr. Mead, as he walks, he stops by at houses to hear what they are watching. On this night, he is walking and then he is stopped by a police car. The car questions him about his occupation, relationship, point of walking, TV status. The car then tells him to get in his car, as soon as he hears that he doesn't have a TV. Mr. Mead asks where he is being taken to, and the car responds that he's taking him to a mental…show more content…
It couldn't change things. Killing one butterfly couldn't be that important! Could it?," this shows Eckels' denial and realization of what his affect did. The theme in "There Will Come Soft Rains" is technology is a wonderful yet dangerous thing. "The entire west face of the house was black, save for five places. Here the silhouette in paint of a man mowing a lawn. Here, as in a photograph, a woman bent to pick flowers. Still farther over, their images burned on wood in one titanic instant, a small boy, hands flung into the air; higher up, the image of a thrown ball, and opposite him a girl, hands raised to catch a ball which never came down.The five spots of paint—the man, the woman, the children, the ball—remained. The rest was a thin charcoaled layer.," this gives an insight of how they ended, it was a nuclear explosion caused by technology, the house is beautiful and mechanical. The house shows us the beauty and flaw of technology, the silhouettes of the family shows us the dangerous side of technology. At last the theme of "The Pedestrian" is technology is wonderful and addictive, "The street was silent and long and empty, with only his shadow moving like the shadow of a hawk in midcountry. If he closed his eyes and stood very still, frozen, he could imagine himself upon the center of a plain, a wintry, windless Arizona desert with no

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