Theme Of Friendship In Of Mice And Men

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The novella Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck shows a unique friendship between George and Lennie. Lennie is not mentally capable of taking care of himself, he would not have survived after his aunt (his caretaker) passed away. However, George took the job voluntarily. George demonstrates that he is a good friend to Lennie by making sure he has everything he needs, applying authority when necessary, and making the best decisions for Lennie. Lennie was not capable of looking out for himself, he needed George. George made sure he had all things necessary to live. For example, in the beginning when George and Lennie are walking through the forest, George shows many acts of good friendship towards mone George shows many acts of good friendship towards Lennie. not only does George tell Lennie to be careful with the water -because he could get sick-…show more content…
He wants to avoid Lennie being hurt at all costs. This is displayed when George advises Lennie to defend himself against Curley while he attacked Lennie (Steinbeck 63). Lennie is so used to George telling him what is best that he would not have thought of defending himself on his own. If George had not told Lennie to hit back, Lennie could have been severely hurt. George could have also told Lennie to let Curley hurt him, in fear that they could both get in trouble for hurting the boss’s son. However, George cared more about his best friend being safe than he cared about his job. George’s main concern has always been Lennie’s safety. Which is why he decided to kill Lennie (Steinbeck 106). If George had allowed the crew to find Lennie, they would have tortured him to death. That would have been even more painful for both George and Lennie. Instead, George chose to end Lennie’s life quickly and painless. Lennie died talking about tending the rabbits at the dream farm. To say the least, he died
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