Men Be Taught In High School In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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John Steinbeck’s readers question if his novella Of Mice and Men belong in high school. Of mice and men should be studied in high school. It is a universal book that has been studied in high school for decades. Also it academically challenges high school students Litrurature in a mere 6 chapters. As well as teaches the reality of life as a migrant worker in the great depression. Of mice and men should be taught in high school because it is a classic that been taught all over the world for years and to deny high school would be depriving them from an education as well as the life lessons that come with the book. Steinbeck’s novella demonstrates a strong `friendship between Lennie Small and George Milton “Lennie stood over “what you supposing for? Ain’t nobody goin to suppose no hurt to George.” ” (72) When Lennie stood over Crooks it showed the loyalty and love he has for George and shows how…show more content…
Steinbeck’s novella offers such a rich vocabulary that can be studied by high school students. “Derogatory” (27) the level of Vocabulary that is used is significant because it is can challenge high school students. As well as improve there vocabulary as well as comprehensive skills. Steinbeck use many expression very specific to the 1930's. It important that highschool see the way they spoke as well as expressions that they used that may even be used today. It also has expression that were used in the 1930’s ““An live of the fatta the lan”” (14) It is so significant because it demonstrates the American dream that everybody has, to own their piece of land and have something that truly belongs to them. The expression also teaches the way they spoke during the 1930’s as well as term that we might even be using. In addition Steinbeck's novella illustrates many historical values it teach history in such with complexity some that cannot be found in a history text

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