Comparing Twelfth Night And She's The Man

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There have been plays by Shakespeare that have been modernized and are often compared to movies like She’s the Man. She’s the Man is an adaptation of the play Twelfth Knight. The plot of She’s the man consists of mistaken identities and the main female character who wants to be treated the same way as the guys are in soccer. Twelfth Night was a play that was written by William Shakespeare around 1601-02. There are similarities in She’s the man and Twelfth Knight. One of the similarities in She’s the man and Twelfth knight is the character duke of Illyria who is in love with Olivia in both. Also the twins’ viola and Sebastian are twins who happen to be separated. In the play and movie, Viola was disguised as her brother Sebastian…show more content…
In the film, three brothers are dating one of the Dandridge sisters; they decide that in order for them to be truly happy in their relationships, they have to get the fourth Dandridge sister a man of her own which seems to be a complicated task which is due to her personality and high standards. A Thousand Acres is a modern adaptation of William Shakespeare’s play King Lear. In the movie, a man decides to divide his farm between his three daughters. Caroline decides to move to New York, and doesn’t want her share, but Ginny and Rose accept it. Their father goes mad, and Rose reveals that she was sexually abused. Ginny and Rose both fall for their neighbor. Tragedy is an element that was expressed in both the play and the movie. In the play Macbeth, a Scottish general kills the king in order to gain the throne, but descends into murderous tendencies in order to stay in control and keep his authority. In the 1990 film Men of respect, a man kills an enemy of the crime family he belongs to which causes him to earn his boss’s respect. He eventually kills the boss, but has the issue of not murdering anyone he perceives as a threat. Both the play and the movie have the similarity of including the line "no man of woman born," and both protagonists are killed by someone that was born through Cesarean

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