Should Professional Athletes Be Paid?

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Everybody loves sports on Fridays or Sunday nights, but the real question is should professional athletes be banned from their sport if they break a law? Millions of people have their own opinion about professional athletes and their life style. Half of the nation fights about this right, there are 70%, says yes, that professional athlete’s should be banned from sports if they break a law of any kind, if a regular person murders someone they 25 years to life. If a professional athlete murder or kills a person they suspension, fine or couple of months in jail. 30% say no professional should not be banned from playing a sport why? Because when you apply for a job they will ask you have you convicted felony? I personally think professional athletes are role models and they should have…show more content…
All athletes should make better decisions, a better decision about what they do in life, like think before you act. Furthermore, Art Schlicter the professional 6’3, and 220 pound athlete played professional American football, at Ohio state university. He was known for his compulsive gambling and the legal problems that arose from it. The 55 year old athlete is now sentenced to nearly 11 year of jail time, but Schlicter has been down this road, spending time in prison in Indiana related to his gambling addiction, which he claimed to overcome. But he continue to struggle , by his own admission, and his stumble included testing positive for cocaine use while on house arrest following his guilty plea in the ticket case. Schlichter's original plea deal last year in federal court called for him to serve eight year in prison, to run at the same time as a 10-year state prison sentence on related charges. The new deal, which Schlichteragreed to in the fall, increased the federal time by 27 months. Watson signed off on the deal Friday before sentencing Schlichter. Darryl Strawberry's career on the baseball diamond was often overshadowed by his history with
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