The Unipolar Model

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The acquisition of power had transformed through time. In the medieval times, it was in the form of directly colonizing other countries in order to expand one’s territory, while it has transformed to manipulating different key factors, such as the market, global politics, media, and even culture, in the modern times. One could, in fact, argue that international power is now quantifiable by influence and economic power, rather than territorial land and military power in the past. A perspective would argue that man is inherently hungry for power, this led to the creation of a state, but the problem persisted. With the obstruction of national interests, wars were waged. In order to resolve the potential yet persistent problem, the concept of polarity…show more content…
Although the multipolar model encourages our self-help, it would be detrimental to us because our industries are reliant on other countries, a huge portion of our national budget comes from the Filipinos who are working overseas, and a huge portion of our working force are working in the service sector. The nation benefits from the apparent distribution of the population all over the world. With the near inauspicious agricultural sector, insufficiency of local industries, the massive inflation of the people working would outweigh those who are managing and the places themselves; and it is very likely that people would be jobless. The nation relies on international connections, and in its current state, it could not sustain itself. The unipolar model would be the most beneficial since our culture, international connections, and even our government model and constitution are all pattern with that of the United States, which is also the hegemon. As allies, we would benefit from the powers of the US with its influence and its control with the United Nations. The benefits are relatively similar with that of the bipolar model, but with the current issue on territorial claims with the next economic superpower, which is China, the benefits would not be as concrete. In fact, the tables could turn since China could cut the production of items worldwide which would affect the United States gravely, which could then result to the decrease in its power which would eventually make China the next
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