The Titanic: The Rise Of The Titanic

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Titanic, the largest luxury ship built in 1910 broke in two after striking an iceberg and sank at April 1912. Read the full story about the Titanic and why the Titanic movie has become so popular in the world. The ocean RMS (stands for Royal Mail Steamer) Titanic was once regarded as the ultimate ship of dreams, at least for first-class passengers and was also declared as an unsinkable ship. A Hundred years later, some interesting facts have become apparent about this maiden voyage. Brief History of the Titanic Ship The construction of the Titanic commenced on March 31, 1909 and her keel was also laid in the same year of 1909. The construction on the White Star Line’s rival to Cunard’s Mauretania and Lusitania started in Belfast,…show more content…
Titanic left Southampton, England destined for New York, and along its way stopped in France and Ireland. On April 12, 1912 at 11:40 p.m., in the calm sea approximately 640km south of Newfoundland, Canada, the ship lookouts noticed something in the distance and rang a warning bell. Unfortunately, it was too late. In less than 1 minute later, the Titanic hit an iceberg. On April 15, 1912 at 12.45a.m., the first lifeboat was lowered. The Titanic broke into two and sank at 2.20p.m. RMS Carpathia arrived just after 4a.m. in response to distress signals and began helping to rescue survivors. On April 17, 1912, The White Star Line sent a ship carrying undertakers, ice, coffins, canvas bags and a minister of religion. It was reported to have recovered altogether 337 bodies from the freezing North Atlantic. In 1985, an American-French expedition came across the ghostly remains of the “Luxury liner” of the Titanic almost 4km down the sea. In 2009, the Titanic living last survivor who called himself Millvina Dean died at the age of 97. Three Boarding Categories were Offered by the…show more content…
For the second class, passengers paid about $60 for a cabin to enjoy a library and games like quoits on the deck and they slept in berths built into the cabin walls and used communal bathrooms. For the third class, they paid $15-$40 for a cabin to enjoy whatever impromptu entertainment they could arrange slept in bunk beds in narrow six-person cabins, and two bathtubs were shared together between the 710 third-class passengers. Was Titanic an Unsinkable Ship? Nope, it Sank to the Bottom of the Sea. What went Wrong actually? Captain Edward John Smith or his nickname, the Millionaire’s Captain (due to his popularity with upper crust passengers) overestimated the ability of the Titanic. He might have had a chance if he had taken a more southern route because of the iceberg’s report but he did not even slow down the ship or appoint additional lookouts to cover the situation. Then, the wireless radio operator received extra iceberg warnings but he did not even pass them to the bridge. What’s more? The two lookouts in the crow’s nest did not have binoculars to see the situation clearly. Later studies revealed to us that several of the bow’s iron rivets “popped” upon impact causing six of the “watertight” compartments to be flooded with sea

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