The Three Monsters In Beowulf

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In the story Beowulf there are three monsters that he faces in battle. In these battles he takes different trophies, and he uses different techniques, methods, and weapons in each of the battles.The three monsters that Beowulf fights are Grendel, Grendel's mother, and the Dragon in order. The monsters are separately all different in their own ways so he has to use different techniques, weapons, and methods for each of the monsters. The trophies that he gets with each monster differs in what he is battling them for or over. Grendel was a very powerful monster. Grendel during the night would come out from his layer to kill people. So Beowulf the strongest of the Geats, heard of this monster named Grendel. When Beowulf Heard of…show more content…
After Grendel died, his mother was very mad. She then attacks Herot, takes Hrothgars close friend, and takes Grendels arm that was hung by Beowulf. Beowulf was offered ancient treasure if he would save them once more. If he would go to battle and win to protect the Danes. With this all said he leaped into the lake. Beowulf brings with him a sword, helmet, and a ring woven mail on his breast. Beowulf was welcomed with the shewolf's claws that clutched him but did not harm him because he had on a ring woven mail on his breast. The shewolf then carried him to her home, whilst she was carrying Beowulf he could not get his weapons out to attack. Other monsters from the lake came out to watch the fight. Once they were led into a battle hall he swung his sword straight at her head, but no so word could slice her evil skin. They then started to wrestle as she ripped and clod at him she bit holes into his helmet that also failed him. Sleeping back into battle he tossed his sword to the side angrily, he would use his hands to fight. His arms then caught her by the shoulder his anger doubled his strength he then threw her to the floor. As she fell Beowulf was ready to sleep on her, but she rose taking her claws and clutching him, then taking it a doll dagger dried with blood and stabbed him in his back. This did not work for the batter was blunt and the woman mail shirt he wore The doctor did not touch him. Then he saw a heavy…show more content…
The dragons jeweled cup was stolen by a thief. So now the dragon is mad and is now taking out revenge on the Geats. The treasure from this victory will be great for Beowulf, all of the dragons treasure will be his in the hidden tower. Beowulf did not want to use any sword or weapon but the Dragon could not be killed without. So Beowulf put his mail shirt on his breast and took his shield. When he got to the entrance of the Dragon's layer he yelled out a battle cry as he lowered his sword. The Dragon came towards him quickly spitting out fire and smoke. As Beowulf predicted the shield began to melt from the Dragon's breath. For the first time ever the Danes King was fighting with fate against him. He raised his sword and struck the Dragon, when he struck the Dragon it broke his blade from bitting into the monsters scaly hide. Before the sword could strike the Dragon deep enough it broke, this gave him a little help. The dragon was mad so he thrashed, Beat, and blew out flames everywhere. None of his followers came to help them they all ran in fear. Beowulf is now

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