Beowulf's Heroic Code Essay

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Beowulf is a story about a young warrior and his quest through life.Each monster presents a specific moral and also physical challenge against which the Anglo-Saxon heroic code can be plumbed and tested. > Grendel was the first monster which should decipt an evil and a bloodiness,it stood face to face with Beowulf. In spite of Grendel´s awful and bloody deeds Beowulf heroically arrived into Denmark.He probably counted with glory and the fame in the case he will be succesful. But it could not be the only thing that was actuating him.It was quite possible that Beowulf will not become a hero but the body without a soul.He had to have a giant courrage and the braveness,that is not so easy to find. He faced the worst monster of all times,just to make people feel save and free. That is in my opinion a huge demonstration of what the heroic code in point of act means. > Grendel should decipt the biggest challenge because nobody could defeat him due to his destructive strenght. Beowulf did not know what will be the right way to kill him,he did not know what does the monster look like, he did not fight any monster never before, simply he did not know what is he going to beard. Grendel´s supernatural strength surprised his sward at first, but Beowulf did not give up a kept…show more content…
After years he gets his definitely deserted reward, and he finally becomes a king. His reign is period of calmness.The citizens were happy for their clever brooding and adhere ruler. The country under his reign was under protective wings and people did not had to be afraid. He was the kind of person who is owner of many enviable attributes such as strength, courage , loyalty, generosity,hospitality and honor. Beowulf at the beginning of story already have all of these characteristics and even if he become the king he did not lose them. His personality stays immutable crossly all of he underwent.He is still the same person,still hero,still

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