American Revolution Vs French Revolution Research Paper

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What makes a revolution a revolution? By definition a revolution is a forcible overthrow of a government or social order in favor of a new system. The American Revolution and French Revolution are in fact “true” revolutions because the Americans wanted social order and to free themselves from British rules while the French wanted to overthrow their government under the ruling of Louis XVI. Both of these countries wanted to restore power back to the hands of its people leading the world to two of its greatest revolutions of all time. Despite the American Revolution leading to the longest democracy in the world creating the United States of America, The French Revolution was a bloody reign of terror ending in a Napoleonic dictatorship resulting in the model for totalitarianism. Even though the American and French Revolutions had many differences, such as the reasons…show more content…
The American Revolution ended with the Treaty of Paris which gave the thirteen colonies their independence from Great Britain. Gaining their independence, the thirteen colonies were able to join together and form what is now called The United States of America. This allowed the thirteen colonies to form and establish a new form of government where they could make their own laws. Gaining this freedom was the most effective outcome of the revolution and the thirteen colonies were free from British rule. On the other hand, The French Revolution ended with Napoleon returning from the Egyptian Campaign. He was successful in subduing uprisings against the governments making him best known as a strategist. Napoleon was brave which helped him gain the support of his men. Evading the government, he was supported by his army collaborating coup d’état to overthrow the Directory and establish the Consulate. The rise of Napoleon ended the French Revolution and marked the beginning of a Napoleonic Era –

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