Dulce Et Decorum Est Analysis Essay

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War creates many emotions such as boredom, anxiety, fear, hate and bravery as seen I Wilfred Owens (Dulce ET Decorum Est) and Henry Reads’ (The naming of parts). Owens poem is about the hidden truth about war and the horror and death it causes. He wants to make the reader finally see how war is a horrible thing and should be avoided and never be seen as good in any way. He intends to show the reader how emotionless, carless and distraught the soldiers are. He uses multiple poetic skills and certain words and phrases to do this. An example is his use of the word ‘flung’ in the second to last stanza which shows how even after the death of their friend his body is treated with little respect as if he was nothing, this also shows how war has made them emotionless as if death was a naturally recurring thing and meant nothing to them. The writer also uses direct address when he uses the phrase ‘you too will have smothering dreams’ which not only shows how the writer has been having recurring and overwhelming nightmares about his friends death but how you will have the same dreams if you were there with him. He uses direct address again to make a personal appeal to the reader to make them want to prevent any and all war. This will make the reader feel a sense of…show more content…
He uses two contrasting themes life and death and compares the beauty and nature to death and war. He does this by describing the beautiful plants he sees and then goes back to the drill Sargent talking about the guns. In comparison to Dulce ET Decorum Est which directly talks about death but in the naming of parts the guns only imply the theme of death. Read paints an image of life by using words such as: spring, garden, coral, etc. He uses words such as: swivel, rapidly, bolt, etc. To talk about guns and the death they
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