The Tenure System In Public Schools

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The tenure system in public schools should be eliminated The tenure system refers to a contractual right of not terminating a position of a teacher or a lecturer without a genuine or just cause. The tenure system a form of job protection that teachers in public schools receive following a one to seven year experience. By the year 2008, 2.3 million teachers have tenure. According to the proponents of the system, it protects teachers from losing their jobs for political or personal reasons and prevents the firing of experienced teachers to employ less expensive ones. Furthermore, they argue that since school administrators allow tenures, both the teachers and their unions should not be wrongly accused for the issues surrounding the system. On…show more content…
This provides limited incentives for unmotivated teachers to improve their teaching style. In addition, school administrators have no high chance to institute consequences and hardly ever have finances to embark on the expensive process of eliminating a tenured teacher. Sadly, the lack of consequences enables poor teachers to continue with their behavior. Kalamazoo (n.d) suggests that students cannot be expected to learn effectively and excel if the teacher has no passion for education or if he does not respect rules. It is because of such issues that the tenure system is currently going through a great deal of controversy. Schools are turning towards optional policies to look into the failures of the system. For example, Ohio schools are enhancing teachers’ skills by the use of guidance and mentorships. According to the Time magazine, Oregon also did away with the tenure system and considered a new solution that involves shorter-term contracts as well as guidance to teachers who…show more content…
The U.S education secretary supported the ruling as an opportunity for public schools everywhere to openly address the issue of equal chances in education. Several states have taken this positively and are ready to eliminate such protections or make it a bit tougher for people to obtain them (Hill, Pierce, & Guthrie 102). The students who forwarded the case are sadly a handful out of millions of young people whom the law has failed to protect and are disadvantaged of systems and practices that fail o recognize and support the best teachers and link them with the students who need them most. Thus, the court decision was a mandate to fix such

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