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The Man in the High Castle Review. Excitement! How did I miss this potential gem of streaming entertainment! Was the first thought that came to mind when I ran across a brief a article announcing the new drama from Amazon: The Man in the High Castle(TMITHC) . A dystopian tale of America after World War Two. Told in a narrative of the Axis powers: Imperial Japan, and The Third Reich winning the war and carving up the continent into three nations. The Japanese Pacific States, The Greater German Reich, and a central neutral state called The Rocky Mountains State which serves as a buffer between the two nations. What could go wrong! How could this not be just amazing and thrilling? Keeping with one of the current trends of modern TV entertainment a dystopian America, TMITHC fits right in with that mold. This shows…show more content…
Written in 1962 by Philip K. Dick. Now I have not read this novel. I did how ever do a little research only to get a basic understanding of the story and an idea of how the story might progress. Keeping with the basic format of how Amazon releases original entertainment, the pilot episode was released in January of 2015 with the remaining episodes subsequently being ordered and scheduled for release in November 2015. The story which takes place in 1962, and after only one episode seems to focus on a woman, Juliana played by Alexa Davalos, her boyfriend Frank played by Rupert Evans, and a young man Joe, played by Luke Kleintank. Juliana and Frank live in the Japanese Pacific States. Julia is currently recovering from an undisclosed accident, while Frank is a talented artist working in a type of manufacturing facility. Completely on the opposite side in New York City which is part of the now Greater German Reich lives Joe the so it

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