The Striped Pajamas Setting

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The main characters in my book were a 9-year old boy named Bruno, his 12-year old sister Gretel, his mother and father, a soldier named lieutenant Kotler, and a jew named Shmuel. They were all a big part of the book. The setting of my book was at a little house in Germany. It was all during the holocaust. The house was next to a place with a fence with a wood post and it went on for miles. There were huts and tents. A boy named Bruno that lived in Berlin but moved to another house was very disappointed that the house was not as good as the other one. He never had anything to do. So one day he went exploring then he saw a fence with wood posts and it stretched a long ways down. He saw a little boy sitting there so he introduced himself. The boy’s name was Shmuel, him and Bruno met pretty much every day.…show more content…
Bruno was moving back to Berlin. So him and Shmuel had an idea Shmuel would get some striped pajamas so he could disguise himself as a jew so Bruno can go on the other side of the fence and help Shmuel find his papa. The next day Shmuel brought the striped pajamas. Bruno changed into the pajamas. Then he slipped through a hole big enough for a little boy like Bruno. So when they were walking towards the huts and tents Bruno realized this place is not as good as he thought it would be. Him and Shmuel were walking until they heard a whistle being blown. They all lined up and Bruno was curious. Shmuel told Bruno that they're probably just going on a march until they entered a dark room. After a while the door shut and everybody gasped. Then Bruno heard a noise above him. My favorite part of my book was when Bruno put on striped pajamas and went on the other side of the fence. That chapter was a very interesting chapter. It was exciting and made me want to read it over and over again. The chapter was weird at certain points of the chapter. But the rest of the story was about Bruno and when he was on the other side of the

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