Odysseus: A Hero In Homer's Odyssey

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What separates an ordinary hero from an amazing hero? These heroes are examples of outstanding amazing heroes. Wayne Rooney is a confident and a strong man just like Odysseus. He has scored the most goal ever for the England national team before the age of 30. The great Odysseus has persevered all the tests the gods have put for him through. He also has escaped away from calypso and has always remembered his wife throughout the story. Odysseus is a leader by leading his men throughout all the struggles that he is put through. Captain, Wayne Rooney, is also a leader because he commands the team throughout every game. Odysseus and Rooney are both heroes who are leaders, persistent but Odysseus has a fixed mindset while Rooney has a growth mindset.…show more content…
Rooney has led his team to victory the whole time as he was captain. Odysseus may not have led his team to victory in a sport, but he has saved his crew out of life-threatening situations such as the time when Odysseus lead his crew past Scylla who was “More fearsome… than when the cyclops penned us in his cave”(Odyssey 672). He was a leader because he sacrificed some crewmen to Scylla to save the other men out. A true leader knows he has to sacrifice some of his followers to save the others. Captain Wayne Rooney also sacrifices his men when they are substituted out for the game or receive a red
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