Upside Down Short Story

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“Upside Down” Ella took a deep breath and stepped outside. Suddenly…the world was upside down. Ella´s mom was gardening outside just like a normal day. Ella sprints to her mom. ¨What's wrong Ella?¨asked Judith.(Ella's mom) ¨Why is the world upside down?¨questioned Ella. ¨Don't be silly Ella.¨said Judith. ¨MOM IM BEING SERIOUS, WHY IS THE WORLD UPSIDE DOWN?¨ ¨Itś, not Ella, what has gotten into you?¨ ¨Nothing mom, I’m being serious.¨ ¨What happened when you woke up this morning?¨ ¨I don't know mom everything went black when I woke up.¨ ¨I think you need to go get some rest.¨exclaimed Judith. Ella walked back to her room very confused, because the world was upside down to her. Her mom said that it was not though. She laid in bed, and tried to forget everything that happened. She also tried to make it seem like it was a dream. When she woke up she couldn't recognize anything. It was all just a fuzzy blur. She then was able to make out a faint image of a car roof. At least that what she thought it was. The…show more content…
There has to be an answer. The doctor came running outside and explained that he would like to do another test on Ella. There might not be a message sending to her brain to flip the image the right way. Judith has no clue what the doctor is talking about. Then the doctor explains that you see the image upside down first before your brain sends a message to your eye to see the image the right way. He continues, and says is this is the case then there might be something blocking the way the message has to go. There is a surgery for this, but she might not live. There is a 27% chance that she will live ,and that the surgery goes well. Judith then explains that they have to do the surgery and figure out what is wrong with her. The doctor said that they need to go get the ok from Ella. They both then walked inside to Ella's
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