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Residential Flooring as a Service Every homeowner wants the inside of their home to look good, feel comfortable and be safe. And one thing that makes up a significant part of the interior of a home is flooring. This is one of the most important aspects of the house, adding to the charm and exquisiteness of your home. Choosing the right flooring for your home will not only ensure your abode is stylish and comfortable, but also more valuable. Your flooring can boost or reduce the market value of your property significantly. Our company provides a wide variety of flooring solutions for both commercial enterprises as well as domestic premises. With us, you can expect your project to be completed remarkably without putting too big a dent in your wallet. Our residential flooring as a service covers the following areas among others; 1. Residential Floor Finishing Adding a great finishing…show more content…
Residential Stained Concrete Floor Repair Over the past few years, concrete flooring has become increasingly popular for not only commercial premises but also residential spaces, thanks to the durability as well as cost effectiveness that it offers along with its aesthetic appeal. There are lots of stained concrete styles including acid stain, water-based acrylic stain, and dyes with each having the ability to add a dramatic effect alongside remarkable flair to your home. Although stained concrete floors offer prolonged durability, these floors are still prone to wear and tear, just like any other kind of flooring. For instance, the color can wear away overtime, needing a complete re-staining job. Cracking is another key damage issue. We are your go to professionals for your residential stained concrete floor repair project. We have so much knowledge about stained concrete maintenance and repair that no relevant task can prove to be unachievable to us. No matter how badly your stained concrete is damaged, you can be rest assured that we will restore it to its initial

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