The Role Of Elizabeth In The Crucible

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Elizabeth has hired the reverend's niece as our servant. She is a bold and very outspoken girl. She comes off as very mature, but I cannot tell yet. I do not know what to think of her if she turns out to be anything like her uncle then she must pack her bags and leave immediately because he is the reason that I do not go to church. The man cares more about golden candles and Cathedrals, not clapboard meetin’ houses. He irritates me with his nonstop talk of hell. I see no light of God in that man and that is why I refuse to baptize my youngest boy even though Elizabeth begs me to get him baptized. It has been a couple days since the new servant has been here. She has been very helpful and very good with the boys and taking care of Elizabeth who is still sick. She is very interesting and understanding. She has brought life and youth to this house. I believe this child was sent from God himself to help us. She has done wonders and even Elizabeth has taken a liking to her which makes me very happy to see her so happy.…show more content…
I cannot stop thinking of her when I lay next to Elizabeth. I do not know what has come over me, but I can not stop it. I know I am a damned man who must turn before the devil takes control and I sin, yet I can not get her face out of my mind. She has given me life and I feel as if I can share with her things I never shared with anybody. She is helping me cope with Elizabeth’s sickness and is very kind and gentle. She helps me forget about my worries and gives me things that Elizabeth can

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