John Proctor Tragic Hero Essay

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How Tragic John Proctor is a righteous man who seemed like he had it all together, yet his life came crumbling down. Within literature, we see 4 main types of heroes, and John Proctor fills the role of a tragic hero right down to a tee. John supposedly had his life figured out, and he was ready to be the person everyone looked up to within the town, but his one little flaw that he overlooked for so long finally came back around and punished him. Soon after facing this weakness, John’s world comes to an end so to speak; the world of glamour had diminished, and a world of fear and isolation had only just begun. There’s so many different types of characteristics in literature and when it comes to heroes, there’s 4 main versions you’ll come across in your readings. There’s the classic hero, epic hero, anti-hero, and finally tragic hero, the…show more content…
Miller explained that a tragic hero is realized when the character observes the world that’s around him, and accepts that he can’t change what’s going on, because he’s so busy trying to simply survive. He’s endlessly panicking about what his purpose is in life. We see this within John Proctor as the trials begin. John knows that this essentially spawned because of his wrongdoings, and he must confess, but he struggles with knowing what exactly to do. He finally accepts his fate and confesses, but the consequences are much worse than he could’ve ever envisioned. He wasn’t expecting to be thrown into prison, or convicted as a witch; all he wanted was to speak the truth of his sins. We see him panic about what’s going, but also realizing this is his punishment and he must pay the price. John Proctor had a wonderful life of people looking up to him, and took advantage of this by having an affair with another woman, thus he payed the price. His one fatal flaw cost him the life he had

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