The Rocking Horse Winner Essay

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The Rocking-Horse Winner by D.H. Lawrence displays main themes throughout the whole story, mostly however the story as a whole symbolizes the pursuit of love and happiness. These themes represented in The Rocking-Horse Winner are main characteristics represented throughout the American dream developed mostly with in the early 1900s. These themes preside in both of the main characters in The Rocking-Horse Winner, Paul and Hester who are both in the journey for love and happiness. However The Rocking-Horse Winner is not only limited to the representation of the themes but in actuality this short story covers the many pressing themes throughout great novels and novelist main agenda such as greed, obsession, neglect, and quest. The Rocking-Horse…show more content…
Lawrence uses some very interesting types of language in and devices in order to effectively portray is meaning and point to the reader. Throughout the whole story D.H, Lawrence uses quite a bit of irony being understandable for the sole fact that his presentation to the people of his audience is satirical. It is also quite obvious, there is much irony in the fact that the rocking horse in which he is brought luck brings him his “luck" and in turn is what brings him his death. The irony within that is obvious but however Paul's death is a direct result of negligence on his mother's part and his uncle, Oscar. Oscar had said to Paul "My God, Hester you're eighty-thousand to the good, and a poor devil of a son to the bad.". Oscar was oblivious to the fact that the little boy was "a poor devil of a son to the bad”, and released that he should have removed Paul from riding the horse that kills, the death of money. The really ironic thing is that inn the beginning of the story the description of his mother from the beginning of the story is displayed as if "‘She is a good mother. She adores her children.' only she herself, and her children themselves, knew it was not so”. The fact that Paul’s mother could be a good mother
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