Phil Klay's After Action Report

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Class within the military as it relates to soldiers and civilian unrest For soldiers, being placed in a war zone is comparable to a modern day astronaut leaving the Milky Way Galaxy and landing on an unexplored planet. Like astronauts soldiers do not know what to expect once they leave their comfort zones and therefore they must adapt in order to survive. Phil Klay is a United States Marine Corps veteran who served in Anabar Province, Iraq during 2007. While deployed Klay collected the stories of his fellow Marines, which he used as inspiration for his fictional novel entitled Redeployment. The novel is a collection of twelve short stories that are told from various vantage points of men who serve in numerous capacities for the Marine corp.…show more content…
Klay uses this tool to reiterate the fact that within the military, the chain of command is what creates structure, however it also creates division amongst the officers. Dialogue is an important tool for authors because it allows for the constant flow of conversation, which can be used to show the audience the feelings and thoughts of characters. Throughout the novel Klay touches on the fact that rankings play a role between the interactions of higher and lower ranking soldiers. In “ After Action Report” Lance Corporal Suba has just made the first kill within his company. Previous to this event the Staff Seargent referred to him as “Killer” when addressing him (Klay 35). The Staff Seargent mockingly called the lower ranking marines who had never seen warfare “killer” in order to reaffirm their lack of experience. Additionally, in this passage when the staff Seargent congratulates the soldiers for the killing he talks to Corporal Garza, because he holds the highest military ranking within his battalion even though it was Lance Corporal Suba who made the kill “Corporal Garza. He said “outstanding. You did what you had to do. You good?”… Fuck you Garza on the other side of the MRAP”( Klay 34). This conversation is important because although the lower ranking Lance Corporal felt that Corporal Garza messed up organization. He knew that it was unwise to voice his opinions and that if he did it would harm the social structure within the military. Going behind the commanding officers back would have created chaos within the battalion. Not to mention, if the Lance Corporal spread his distaste for the Corporal it had the possibility of spreading to other soldiers who would began to hesitate when given orders. Since rankings are of such extreme importance soldiers of higher rankings are expected to behave with higher

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