Essay Comparing The Rocking Horse Winner And Young Goodman Brown

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Which of these stories would reveal the greatest loss of love? Evaluate the imagination as these two stories come to life and show death of a child and the other death at heart. The Rocking Horse Winner and Young Goodman Brown explore the compelling loss of love in the main character’s lives. There is one story that eludes a greater loss and family disconnect than the other one. The Rocking Horse Winner has a much greater focus on the family dynamic than the story of Young Goodman Brown. Creatively this story draws the reader into a young boy’s life, who has lost his life tragically for the sake of his mother’s happiness. He believed money could buy happiness and devotion for his mother. While showing the gloomy similarities of the emotional loss for both, Paul and Goodman. The Rocking Horse…show more content…
Yet, the depth of this story will show the dynamics between Hester and the emotional detachment to her family. “Young Goodman Brown” has a similar passionate storyline, as for both, in their minds merely turns out to be fiction. In addition, simply to reveal that life it is not what it seems. Goodman has faith, and coincidently that is also his wife’s name. However, what he saw in the dark forest dumbfounded him, therefore changing his life forever. The disturbing activities he witnessed by his wife and others on that momentous night. He was astonished and not like anyone who he had known. As the plots thicken in each story, Paul and his sisters share the disconnected relationship with Hester, as well as does Goodman having the same with his wife. Goodman thought life was honorable until he realized his world as he knew it was a fantasy. Paul and Goodman assumed the life they both lived was true, nevertheless the proof shows much different sides of reality. One constructs expectations of something that is not real, however completely and utterly blindsided by the facts at

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