The Psychodynamic Theory

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The Psychogenic Theory The Psychogenic theory of crime deals with the psychological aspect of a crime .Unlike other theories of Crime , the psychogenic theory treats the human mind as an entity that is separate from the body. The psychogenic theories trace crime to some defect in the personality of the offender or "in the inside of the person. The psychological theory explains feeble-mindedness, low Intelligence Quotient or IQ. The psychiatric theory illustrated mental disorders and the psycho-analytical theory undeveloped ego, or drives and instincts, or guilt-feelings of inferiority complex. Psychological Theory The proponents of the Psychological Theory considered criminals as being mentally inferior to non-criminals. They used the term…show more content…
Mental Disorders, by definition, are disorders of the mind that is judged by experts to interfere substantially with a person’s ability to cope with life on a daily basis. The principle is to study Criminal behaviour as the doctrine which determines what makes something a thought, desire, pain or any other mental state, depends solely on its function or the role it plays in the cognitive system of which it is a part. Crime is viewed as a product of the perpetual conflict of interest within an individual .The Diagnostic or Statistical manual for Mental Disorders conducts diagnosis through a system of the five axis system…show more content…
Like the work culture, the structure of the family and society in general has witnessed a massive change. In certain families, intense work environments have contributed to the barriers in family relationships. Hence, there is an apparent communication gap in a number of families .This lack of communication is apparent in a parent-child relationship where parents are unable to spend valuable time with their children .This could lead to a lack of effective guidance on ‘good values’ and the principle of right and ‘wrong’. Drawing from Freudian Theory, this could lead to an underdeveloped Super-Ego where one would not be able to make well thought out decisions. Hence, this would make the id or desires unfettered leading to crime. In the case of Rape where the victim is treated as a mode of release, the perverse desires are not kept in check by the Super –ego. If one’s value system is not strong the checks and balances mechanism would not be effective .This break down of a checks and balances mechanism to the id can also be attributed to a flawed education system, in which behavioural values are not instilled .An extensively academic approach has led to a deficiency in holistic learning .Lack of gender sensitization and sex education programmes have led to widespread ignorance leading to a general lack of empathy. In Freudian terms, the development of the ‘ego’ is stunted .As a

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