Psychodynamic Theory

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Most Difficult: 1.) One concept that was difficult for me to understand was the Sigmant Freud theory. I do understand that Freud marked the foundation of the psychoanalytic theory; however, many contemporary developmentalists rejected some of his ideas. 2.) Where I got stuck on is Freud’s psychosexual stages. What I didn’t understand was how a child’s actions can affect their later development as individuals. After closely examining the stages of Freud, I realized that he is saying, if people become preoccupied in one of the stages, they become fixated on it. For example, he says during the anal stage, toilet training is important because it might become evident in the individual’s adulthood. As a result, the individual will not keep their house…show more content…
Most Interesting 1.) The topic I find interesting is behaviorism. According to Watson, if psychologist solely focused on behavior, they will notice that everything can be learned. However, the psychologists are focusing on hidden urges and thoughts. 2.) What I understood from this concept was you can train any human being the way you want to by simply following the rules of conditioning. One of those conditioning is called classical conditioning. It involves forming a connection between two stimuli following in a learned reaction. And another conditioning is operant conditioning. It is a type of learning which behavior is strengthened with reward and gotten rid off with punishment. And another type of learning process is model. People imitate certain actions and this impacts their development. 3.) This interests me because my parents used this concept to shape me as better individual. And the ironic thing was my parents did not know they were using this theory. I remember when I was in elementary school; my parents rewarded me with money and shopping whenever I did well in

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