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Noah White Plot: The novel details the events leading up to the murder of Fyodor Karamazov and the trial of his son Dmitri that followed the murder. The novel displays the dispute between Dmitri Karamazov and his father over his inheritance and the rivalry between the two of them over the affections of Gushenka. As the novel continues, Dmitri’s anger at his father and his desperation for money causes him to make claims that he is going to murder Fyodor. Fyodor Karamazov is later murdered by Smerdyakov, but the dispute between Dmitri and his father causes Dmitri to be the one blamed. Noah White Characters: Alexi Karamazov (Alyosha): The youngest son of Fyodor Karamazov and the protagonist of the novel. Alyosha is kind, gentle,…show more content…
It is quite large, as it “was built for a large family” (Dostoyevsky 98). Outside the house, there is a servant’s lodge, which is a “roomy and solid building” (Dostoyevsky 97). This lodge is where Gregory, his wife and Smerdyakov live. The monastery is described as being fairly ordinary. The only defining feature the monastery possess are its elders, who had made the monastery “flourish and been glorious all over Russia” (Dostoyevsky 38). The monastery is surrounded by a gate, and within the gate there are domestic buildings and a church, with “tombstones around the church” (Dostoyevsky 45). The hermitage is a “one-storied wooden house … surrounded by flowers” (Dostoyevsky 47). Outside the grounds of the hermitage are two rooms connected to the hermitage “for ladies of higher rank” (Dostoyevsky 47). Inside the hermitage, there are two rooms, which are both small and “furnished with the bare necessities” (Dostoyevsky 83). The town courtroom, where the trial of Dmitri takes place, is described as “spacious and with good acoustics” (Dostoyevsky 622). There is a table at the center of the front of the room White…show more content…
Ivan is an atheist due to due to the suffering in the world, but he points out that this suffering is caused by men. Fyodor Karamazov: Fyodor represents selfishness and greed. His self-indulgent, greedy behavior is the reason his sons resent him. Dmitri: Dmitri represents redemption. Though Dmitri is sentenced to hard labor for his supposed crimes, his love for Grushenka and his faith in Alyosha allow him to redeem himself spiritually. Smerdyakov: Smerdyakov represents the sins of Fyodor Karamazov. He is the result of Fyodor Karmazov’s fornications and is the eventual murderer of Fyodor. He is also extremely cruel. Father Zossima: After his death, Father Zossima represents the trials faith must overcome. After he dies, it is believed he will not decay, which will be a miracle. The decay of his body leads to a testing of Alyosha’s faith in both Father Zossima and God. Illusha: Illusha represents community and the way all life is connected. It is implied in the novel that his sickness is due to Dmitri’s harassment of his father. Noah White Style and Tone: The large amounts of dialogue in The Brothers Karamazov allow the author to create an individual style for each character. Each character has a unique style of speaking and the blend of styles affects the tone at any given time in the

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