Pros And Cons Of Mr Vaccination

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Vaccinations are required by regulations and important treatment to prevent from fatal diseases. But the global elevation has accelerated concern that the MMR vaccination is the cause of autism. Because of the publication of this study, there are many other he researches has been done with similar studies but failed to acquire similar result. But with research, there are controversy and debate question appeared related to or against some vaccinations. According to Gerber and Offit (2009), various scientific studies has been done and failed to validate any association between the MMR vaccination and autism. The authors researched three argumentative topics. They are as follows: the MMR vaccination may be the causative factor to develop autism, the component thimerosal, an ethyl mercury containing preservatives in some vaccines can be toxic to central nervous system and multiple vaccinations weaken the central nervous system.…show more content…
The research was from several countries using at least three diverse study designs within a time frame. They used cross sectional study, retrospective observational study, population based study to verify, compare and then reach out to a conclusion. There are twenty epidemiologic and biologic studies did not shown any relation between autism and thimerosal and the MMR vaccine. Also it implies that multiple vaccination do not weakened the immune system and autism is not an immune related disease. So, there should be focus on other causative options for autistic disorders and the importance of the MMR vaccination. Once information has reached to public’s grip, it is hard to reverse them. But Gerber and Offits literature must be helpful to relay the right information to general public, as well as to medical

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