Child Vaccination Pros And Cons

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Child Vaccinations: Who Doesn't Get Them And Why They're Idiots As the population of the US rises, as does the attendance in public school. Within the policies inducted amidst enrollment are a list of various vaccinations children enrolling in public school are required to procure. However, due to both religion and popular fabrication towards vaccinations, many parents have decided against vaccinating their children. Although vaccinations at young ages appear to spark more controversy rather than elucidation, ignorance of immunization policies have shut down numerous campuses. Debating against the numerous inoculations for young children, which many parents state impedes upon the First Amendment, opinions are inadmissible versus facts stating the efficiency and overall necessity of the vaccinations for preventing the spread of viral diseases.…show more content…
In fact, the only religious branches to have made any statement referring to their standpoints on vaccinations are Christian Scientists and the Dutch Reformed Church (Krule, Miriam). Although the First Amendment protects the rights of religion and the parents decision to not vaccinate their children, according to Christine Vera of Shot Of Prevention, "However, as vaccine exemption rates climb, so do outbreaks of vaccine preventable diseases which are threatening the health of our children." (Vera, Christine) West Virginia and Mississippi are the only two states preventing that right from affecting their education systems. Therefore preventing the spread of viral diseases and keeping students both healthy, and in attendance at schools by not allowing unvaccinated children to attend and shut down their

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