Hr Task 1.3 Selection Process

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Task 1.3 – Selection process Short listing: This stage is when the applicants are analyzed if they meet the job requirements of the vacancy and then are considered for an interview appointment. The potential person who will be interviewed should be shortlisted against the job requirements. The “Two Ticks” Disability Symbol Scheme guarantees an interview for a disabled person who meets the job requirements. Two members of the interview committee should carry out the interview in requirements with the weighting and agreed short listing criteria; the standard short listing grid should be used to record short listing decisions, and then signed by the recruiting manager. The Human Resource department should be contacted afterwards and interview…show more content…
So it can be decided which candidate that is best for the job. Two people that are skilled and suited enough to assess the candidate’s potential against the certified criteria will conduct the selection process. The Human Resources department will also send a representative who will usually be a panel member. Interviews should have time allowed beforehand to make sure adequate preparation of questioning, this is to ensure candidates are assisted equally and consistently assessed against the person specification’s criteria. Records of the interviews should be kept by the Panel to help with agreeing upon a decision and being clear about the decision when they select a candidate who has successfully passed. Once the selection process is completed, Documents with relevance to the interview should be returned to the Human Resources Department. Record Keeping: Candidates who are not successful will be placed in an interview archive and after half a year, the documents will be destroyed

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