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1. Increasing number of Professionals According to the Market trend which is an article written in the website of Department of Labor and Employment, the growth of the professional sector in the Philippines reached 3.2 million in 50 registered professions. Since Jiro Izakaya’s target market were the Professionals, the given results served as an opportunity for Jiro because more people can be their potential customers, causing them to have an increase profit in the future years that are coming. 2. Filipinos adapt Japanese taste Being exposed to the influences from the Japanese occupation and until now, Filipinos still acquired and adapt their taste. Moreover, it is the nature of Filipinos to love trying different food that is far from what…show more content…
When inflation happens in the country, the tendency of the commodities prices will also increase. Given the ingredients of Jiro are pricy, a rise in the cost of ingredients will lessen the income of the company. 2. Established Competitors and New Entrants Different Japanese Restaurants are beginning to boom in every areas of Angeles City. Jiro Izakaya has numerous competitors, not only in Angeles City but in all areas of Pampanga. It was indeed a threat for Jiro because it needs to do product modifications and innovations to stand out and be different in the competition to be noticed by the people. 3. Emergence of Buffet Restaurants Buffet Restaurants offering different foreign cuisines are now starting a hit not only in Angeles City but also all over the Philippines. As written on the Market Trends, an article published by When in Manila website, they indicated the best all you can eat buffet restaurants in Manila. This just clearly shows that Buffet style Restaurants are starting to conquer the food industry and is considered a big threat for Jiro Izakaya because people can have a choice whether to pay a certain amount to eat different kinds of foreign cuisines or just stick on just a single cuisine — Japanese

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