Pros And Cons Of Technology

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“All of the biggest technological inventions created by human kind like the airplane, the automobile, the computer, says little about their intelligence, but speaks volumes about their laziness”. This quote from Mark Kennedy, who is an author, shows that humans already made some big steps in technology which could be use in many ways and gives a lot of benefits to humans. This is a great revolution that humans made, yet it also show that humans are becoming more and more lazy since the technology could do a lot of things. Humans are depending more to technology nowadays, especially the younger generations that mostly live in clover and following every new trends of technology like smartphones and viral things that happens on social media. Technology…show more content…
Since the technology helped them a lot in their houses, gradually they are becoming couch potatoes. Some of the humans nowadays, doesn’t even know how to use a washing machine because they depends a lot on technology. Plus, humans’ health condition are getting worse every year because they didn’t do much at home or even at workplace and school. Technology could give pleasure for humans but also could make some of the humans lazier. Humans should be more tolerant of their health conditions while using technology wisely. These are the pro and cons by using technology that are changing the way of humankind lifestyles and mindsets every time technology revolves. I strongly believed that if humankind could prevent the bad affects and control all kind of threats that are coming from technology, people could live their life with peace and improve their creativity to create new technology in the future for the next generations while still taking care of the nature so that, the next generations could live by knowing things that older generation been through for a lot of years and appreciate their
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