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My name is Xie Qingxin, I come from a beautiful city named Hulun Buir. I am the only children of my family and live together with my parents and grandpa. I am glad that I have just been given an exciting position as the head of a tourism department, so what I want to do is describe my city and hope you can come to visit my city during your vacation time. Hulun Buir city is located in the east of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, the total area of 250000 square kilometers. If the motherland's territory to the rooster, then Hulun Buir is a bright pearl on the male comb. A totel population of Hulun Buir is 2.66 million. The Mongolian natiality is the dominant ethic group,and 35 other nationlities,such as Dawoer,Ewenke,Elunchun,Han,Manchu,Russian,etc, live in harmony with them on the grassland.Hunlunbeier is called “green and clean land” because it is relatively free of pollution…show more content…
Hulun Buir Grassland, Greater Khingan Range is located in the western foothills of the Inner Mongolia alliance of Hulun Buir, next to the border with Russia, Mongolia, north of the city river south, South to the border, 300 kilometers east-west, North and South 200 kilometers, the total area of about 100000 square kilometers, natural grassland area accounted for 80%. Is the rich prairie, where there is China's fifth largest lake Hulun Buir, known as "the rooster crown

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