The Pros And Cons Of Mental Bullying

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Mental bullying, is bullying that people with problems do and the do it almost everyday they have to get help for and that’s why they bully you so they see how you react. They try to hurt you by bringing weapons to school and the gets and trouble but not as much trouble because they need special needs. They are after you for your stuff and if you let you get to then you just keep on getting bullied. Mental bullying there not going to stop unless you join them or cry and get hurt so they’ll get in trouble by and adult if they get caught most people walk away. Physical bullying, Is a bullying process the happens physically, is common to Mental bullying. Someone comes up to you and they try and take something and they do it probably everyday. Physical bullying…show more content…
are victims of bullying, with 3 million absent from class each month because they cannot cope with the torment.” “Kim Lockwood the assistant principal, insisted the kids were “as good as gold”. But alex knew better than that, the kids are bullies on the school bus. Most kids miss school just to bully other people and like alex lin. “The bullies in lowa called him ‘fishface’. They threatened to break his bones, sexually assault him and kill him”. About 3 million kids in america miss class every day because they want to bully other people. Alex has a facebook page, “ Alex is not the only one: the documentary has already been seen by over 90,000 american kids that are in school and has 97,000 ‘likes’ on its facebook page”. Lots of parents don’t do anything and the go to work or stay at home and they don’t do nothing about it. When someone is being bullied the someone will help the person that’s beating the other person up or they’ll help the person that’s is getting beat up. There are people that will fight three or more people at once and then the bigger person might fall or will because girls like to pull hair or punch and guys will punch or kick or trip each

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