The Pros And Cons Of Creationism

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The Earth has been around for over 4.5 billion years, and there has always been the question “Where do all living things come from?” that past philosophers, scientists and the religious have failed to answer from past generations to the present. According to some theories, God is believed to have created the Earth that we live on today, while scientists believe the earth developed itself which is known as the “Big Bang”. In relation to the creationism theory, people who believe in creationism think that God has always been present in creation. However, the evolution theorists argued otherwise with different and complex ways of thinking. First, one has to understand what evolutionists believe. The biggest theory of evolution was developed by Darwin. This…show more content…
In modern day, creationism is referred to as “intelligent design”, which basically states that there is a higher being that created the Earth. As much as science is reliable and realistic, the fact that Earth was formed from randomness is hard to grasp. The human body is so complex, with many systems, and especially the brain, that it is almost impossible to believe that we were created randomly, with no help from someone or something. In order for creation to be considered a scientific theory, there has to be evidence and observations. Since no one was around when the Earth was created, scientists today rely on fossil evidence. (Gish, 2009). To support the theory of creationism, fossils that have been found have been in their original form. (Gish, 2009). This simply means that mice have been mice, birds have been birds, and the fossils are in line with this theory that the animals have remained the same. Although it is important to note that there would be variations in some fossils for animals such as birds, where there are different types of birds, which is caused by interbreeding. (Gish,

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