Steve Jobs Personality Traits

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Steve Job Steven Paul “Steve” Jobs was the co-founder, chairman and chief executive officer of Apple Inc. Steve Jobs called the Silicon Valley pioneer and the writer of unique leadership and idea. He is one of a kind, successful businessman and has a great mind. With his personality, he was the inventor of the personal computers development and known to be the most ranking technopreneur. Smart One of the part that Jobs added to his success is being smart. Steve has great mind where he can thinks easily with new ideas and create new things. Jobs didn’t always know what he was doing in life. A college walk away, many gave up on him and had little trust in his skills. But, Jobs didn’t give up on himself. In his innovatively with the technology,…show more content…
Steve Jobs is intent with all his works especially on dealing of what he is doing new technology. He kept his eyes and ears open and had the courage to take new opportunities as they came along. Whether unsafe or totally unwise , Jobs was from then on out intented to follow his feelings in guiding his business decisions. The hurdle he had faced make him more intented in pursuing things he wanted to do. In his college together with his circuit boards, Though, Steve do not have nothing, he never demoralized himself nor surprised because he knows what important is your determination and the will that you can have the ideas to make something great. For him without having anything is not the restrictions on what he has achieved…show more content…
He never quit because for him to quit is not a word for him. The success that he had now, his Apple Company is his biggest price for his life. These factors of being smart, the passion and the will power helps him to think new ideas and create new things for he is great man and truly the man who believes in himself that great things will be done when you believe in yourself. When other CEOs were focusing on sales and financing, Jobs was concerning himself with the next big thing. Personally meeting with suppliers and suppliers’ suppliers, Jobs made it his top right of way to keep on top of the next

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