The Pros And Cons Of Global Governance

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Since globalization has penetrated in all areas of social and economic life in every part of the world likewise the identification of global problems requiring global solution like setting of regulations in relation to climate change that even if one country pollutes the atmosphere regionally or globally the effects will be felt and control of weapons of mass destruction like nuclear although one country may use the nuclear on one specific enemy or country the catastrophic results would affect the other parts of the world as the radiation impact may spread beyond the intended target. Global problems has increased demand for global governance that has led further to forms of rule-making and regulating and setting up regional and international bodies like G20, G8 and other international organizations responsible for specific problems like climate change and human rights. Bretton Woods Conference in 1945 outcome was creation of the International Monetary Fund, World Bank and GATT later it became known as ITO, these institutions ‘emerged out of a situation of extreme inequalities in economic and military power (Brett E.A 1985; 63). The new world institutions ‘demolished an old older and created space on which new ones might be built on more…show more content…
Therefore, creating order and enforcement through global governance can be very challenging, however, Bull asserts that success in global order and governance ‘lay in the common interest of all states’ (Miller J. 1990;

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