The Pros And Cons Of European Union

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Talking about European Union, we are talking about 27 quite successful countries, which are reasonably stable in political and economical aspects. And even if it will happen, something bad in one country there is guarantee that other 26 will try to help for this one at least. And this stability based on a strong cooperation is a very attractive for people who have to or want to leave their own country. It is in human nature to seek a better life and these is the main reason why EU countries have very serious difficulties with immigration especially with an illegal one. There are two main kinds of immigration in EU. First, is the migration in Union borders, which is mostly legal, and the second one is the immigration from other countries for example from Africa, Asia and sometimes even from America. So it is in human nature, that everyone wants to have the best things and choosing the country everyone will choose the best one. And it is logical that countries that are more successful have more problems with immigrants and that is the reason why for example Baltic countries do not have such kind of a problem. Of course, there are people who come to live in Estonia, Latvia or Lithuania, but the number of these people is not so…show more content…
In case of EU, it is of course some kind of demographical stability, cheap labor and maybe one more proof that EU is a multicultural society. The author of the text as it was already written, believe that aim of EU is to delete all the borders and to create united variant of country. The author insist that immigration into EU is under control and answer to all necessities of EU. But there is also another side of this issue. Such a big amount of immigrants also create huge problems for social systems and there is a big chance that social systems in European countries will collapse before the population consenescence because they just will be awashed by such a stream of
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