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calming. But addictive sin calls for intervention by people who do have a relationship with the person or persons such as empathetic church leaders. THE PHASES OF SELF – DELUSION Rationalization: This is the first phase of self-delusion. It is an unconscious process that keeps a person from feeling bad about his or her actions. Projection: At this stage of self-delusion the person usually express himself by attacking others. The deluded person attack spouse, children, parents, friends, church leaders, members or anyone else who gets in his or her path; blaming problem on someone else. Repression: Getting more absorbed. He moves from self-imposed barriers and violates personally held values. Altered Memories: This has to do with re-writing history that is, someone said” I never loved her” “I’m not sure why I married her but I know that I never loved her” The person rewrite history to justify current actions. This is a…show more content…
The self-deluded person cannot rescue himself from the destructive habits. 2. The self-deluded person specializes in keeping people from effectively dealing with his sin by diverting them from dealing with his delusions. PROVEN SIN INTERVENTION METHODS Intervention is all about overcoming self-delusion- that is making the truth about his or her behaviour. Only people who already had a relationship with the person whose behaviour needs to be stopped can do intervention. The person needs empathy, not judgment or castigation. At the moment the person accept that truth about himself, he usually accepts the path of healing offered by those who brought about the realization. The intervention leads the person to the point of accepting help. The leader of the intervention usually a spiritual leader, a pastor hold the addict at the point of lucidity, and lead him on the prayer of forgiveness and confession, followed by discipleship. There are two types of sin intervention: deprogramming and strategic intervention

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