Is Martin Luther King's Ethos In I Have A Dream Speech

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Martin Luther King Jr. was a very inspirational person. He was the type of person who always saw the glass half full and didn’t give up on his goals or dreams. He was a leader who led people to success, freedom and happiness. On August 28, 1963 a dramatic, memorable and honorable event occurred the “I Have a Dream Speech”. This speech set off a revolution and went down in history as the best speech ever to be made. In 1963 racism and slavery were still very common which triggered an outbreak that change things forever. The “I Have a Dream Speech” targeted all Americans but mostly African Americans who were sick and tired of being discriminated. They wanted to take a stand. Basically in the speech Martin Luther King Jr. talked about a vision that has now came true. In Martin Luther King Jr.’s speech he uses all three persuasive strategies ethos, logos and pathos.…show more content…
As a results of their victory at the Civil War Lincoln earned the trust if his people and process of freeing slaves. Martin took this opportunity and used Lincoln as an example to invoke his authority on his views on civil rights. This creates a powerful ethos appeal and creates credibility with the
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