Pros And Cons To The National Security Agency

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The National Security Agency is a government run intelligence organization that essentially watches over the people of the world. There are many problems that the people see in this organization. People do not like being “watched over”, and feel like they should be left alone to live their lives without the government peering into their everyday lives. There are also many benefits that it gives the United States in fighting war across the globe and inside the country. NSA stands for National Security Agency, and is responsible for watching over, gathering, and processing information for foreign intelligence and counterintelligence. The NSA was founded in 1952 by Harry Truman. It was originally started as a division to decipher various codes…show more content…
The NSA’s main focus is on the peoples safety and not entering into their daily lives and not to infringe on their constitutional rights. People say why does it matter that the government is spying on you, and are you really hiding anything from them? This question comes up in many debates. Unless you are some type of criminal or terrorist looking to cause mayhem in society then you have nothing to worry about. Some people just do not like the fact that the NSA could be or is looking into their daily life and tracking wherever they go to. In reality you are most likely not being watched by the NSA at all in your lifetime even though it might seem a bit overbearing. Another argument towards the pro side of NSA surveillance is that it helps stop and prevent terrorist attacks. This helps to keep the citizens of America safe and out of harms way. The NSA has stopped a total of fifty-six terrorist attacks that were in the planning or were about to happen. That is thousands of lives saved just because of the NSA. They have stopped wars from breaking out because of terrorist attacks. Just one simple bomb going off and that being linked back to a foreign nation could start a major war. The NSA is just working to keep the citizens safe and out of harms way. The advantages of watching over everyone always outweigh the…show more content…
Some people say that it is our right to have privacy and not be intruded by the government. Personal business can now be exposed on mass media and shown to everyone. People want their conversations to be private between one another and not collected by the government to be stored. They want to have the security that they are sending a message or making a phone call and no one can hear what they are saying to each other. Listening and reading conversations can be seen as an immoral thing to do. Eavesdropping is also another way to put it and no one likes someone to eavesdrop on their private conversation. The price to pay to keep monitoring all of the activity going on in the United States is tremendous as well. The government spends around ten billion of American tax dollars towards the NSA. That is a very large amount going towards one part of the government. People argue that the money could go somewhere else that would use it for a better cause like schooling, public transport, and public safety. The people say the risk of being killed by a terrorist attack is so low that there is no big reason to keep the NSA around. You are more likely to be struck by lightning than to be killed by a terrorist attack. You are five thousand times more likely to die from obesity than from a terrorist attack. People ask why the money is going towards somewhere where the chance of death is so low. Why do we not advertise about the death chance of

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