Comparing Gilgamesh And Fahrenheit 451

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Leaders should lead their people for a better a life. They should care for the welfare of their subjects and take decisions, which benefit them the most. However, the leaders are seduced by the wealth and greed and they start wanting to rule longer to gain more wealth. Leaders start using power and violence to oppress their subjects so no human can retaliate against them leaders try to suppress peopledon’t let them think about bad decisions the leader took towards them. Leaders nowadays have different methods to oppress their subjects. To begin with, leaders use police as violence instrument. Secondly, they use power to control the information presented to their subjects. Leaders today have different methods to suppress their people. They…show more content…
For instance, what happened in Egypt few years ago, people could enter jail just because of their retaliation against their leader’s actions. Those people could enter jail without a fair trial or being aware of the accusation against them. This picture is embodied in many books like “Gilgamesh” and “Fahrenheit 451”. In “Gilgamesh”, Gilgamesh was a leader who people feared because it was believed that he was two-thirds god, one third human. Gilgamesh had oppressed his subjects for a long time, he ordered his people to build a high wall just for his pleasure .He demanded to sleep with the brides before their husbands as his birthright (Gilgamesh, 15). Gilgamesh was an incompetent leader; he left his people and went on a quest for personal immortality. Gilgamesh was also smart, he impressed his people with his physical power and great combat skills, he killed “Humbaba” and bull of heaven that were symbols of strength and evil. Gilgamesh was feared for being…show more content…
Gilgamesh was written in 2500 BC and there was violence to oppress the people then. Today also there is violence and will be there tomorrow until end of time. However, it will not work on the people these days due the presence of many sources of information like the internet. People know that their leaders are only humans and they overcame the fear, which lasted decades ago. Due to the open world and wide variety of sources of information, it will not be possible to censor all this information. Secondly, there are always people like Clarisse (Fahrenheit 451) who have independent mind. They are the revolutionary thinkers of any country, who Violence will not make them disappear but increase in number. For example, Clarisse disappeared all the sudden which made the protagonist of the story ”Montag” (Fahrenheit 451) start to think about what happened to her which made Montag a new independent thinker and the cycle is never over. At the end, violence will be still used in modern days but will not have the effect on the people like

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