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Abstract Phylum Arthropoda The Arthropods Division is one of the important animal kingdoms of the Kingdom. It belongs to more than 75% of the vertebrate animal kingdom, which has arthropods and has similar shields to the external hard structures, such as pods, chitins, and shells. The animal's body consists of several sections, and some of these animals in each section of her body a pair of legs used to live with the environment, such as walking and swimming, including three pairs of legs. The body rings carry one or more pairs of jointed appendages, and the baby arthropods have on each ring of the body a pair of appendages in the form of buds except the first and last episode, but during growth, many of these excretions disappear. In the adult phase, the number of appendages varies widely (even within the same community), where they appear in different manifestations and perform different functions on the body parts, although the appearance of these appendages, they arise in the same way within the group and one is thus symmetrical homologous. Many scientists agree that the body in the arthropod division is made up of a set of rings…show more content…
Invertebrate animals are included in crustaceans. Crustaceans have a solid external structure that provides protection for their bodies. It is an alternative to the skeletal structure, crustaceans settle large bodies of water such as the seas and oceans, the most prominent types are Crabs, prawns, Barnacle and others. • Myriapoda: It is one of the divisions of arthropods, and the individual members of these divisions have a large number of legs and classified these cubes to Centipede, and the offspring of the thousand men, and the small legs, and the appendages, and extinct. • Hexagons: Six-legged organisms join the arthropods

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