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The use of steroids and Performance Enhancing Drugs (PED’s) in the sports world had been a controversial subject for the past several decades. If we educate our young athletes of the history; the pros, and cons of the use of steroids or (PED’s), perhaps we can eradicate this abuse. It all started with a dogs or a rabbit’s or a sheep’s testicles. These were used for experiments for Charles Brown’s “Elixir of Life,” this later became known as one of the earliest steroids or Performance Enhancing Drugs (PED’s). One of the earliest recordings of “doping”, the use of steroids, occurred at an Austrian horse race in 1910. The doping concept did not make its way across the ocean until the mid- 1900’s. Most efforts on anti-doping focused on horse racing.…show more content…
Taking steroids or other PED’s can have an enormous short-term impact. This drug will increase muscle mass; provide a greater amount of physical stamina to improve a better athlete on the playing field. Many assume the drug will have a long-term, positive impact on physical abilities. Ultimately the primary and most effective gain is shortly after the drug is used and is absorbed in the body’s system. There are many risks involved with the consumption of steroids, and these risks are based on the specific substance and situations. Teenagers may stop growing after the consumption of steroids, while adults may face baldness and excess tissue growth. The consumption of these drugs can cause some of the following: liver damage, high cholesterol, hypertension, aggressive behavior or mood swings, severe depression, and heart problems such as an irregular heartbeat. While steroids and (PED’S) are quite often used for medical issues, these drugs can have a severe negative effect when they are abused. The more these substances are abused and time wears on this health risks increase. However, regular abuse can result in physical dependence and addiction do these drugs. The question you must ask yourself is if the reward is worth the risk? (Kodjo,

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