Pros And Disadvantage Of Compaction Process

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1. Discuss the compaction process. What do you think is the negative side of this process? When and how often should it be done? Discuss the various alternatives and their pros and cons. Data compaction is the reduction of the number of data elements, bandwidth, cost, and time for the generation, transmission, and storage of data without loss of information by eliminating unnecessary redundancy, removing irrelevancy, or using special coding. It is a method to overcome the external fragmentation problem. All free blocks are united as one huge piece of free space. Compaction requires dynamic relocation. The downside of this process would be the expense and determination of an ideal compaction strategy which is troublesome. There are couple…show more content…
However, that single application is important to the device’s operation, so an embedded operating system must be reliable and able to run with constraints on memory, size and processing power. This type of embedded system is often very important for real-time computer functions. Examples include computers in cars, traffic lights, ATMs, airplane controls, point of sale terminals, Digital TVs and Cameras , GPS and elevators…show more content…
4) Power reduction technology: AMD and Intel both offer power reduction technology in some of their processor models 5) Dual-core support: It is a two processor core in one processor package. 4.Compile a list of various data-compression techniques that are commonly employed in today's computer systems. Which of these techniques provides the best efficiency- that is, the maximum gain in storage space with the least effect on processing time? Data compression squeezes information so it will require less disk space for capacity and less data transmission on an data transmission channel. Communication hardware like modems, extensions, and switches use compression plans to enhance throughput over standard telephone lines or rented lines. Compression is also used to compress voice phones by bringing the transmitted data over rented lines so that more calls can be set on those lines. Also, compression is fundamental for videoconferencing applications that run over information

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