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Colombo Tourism Overview Tagline: Enjoy your best trip with the crystal clear beauty of the water! Title: Colombo Tourism | Colombo Travel Guide | Tourism in Colombo Meta Description: Sri Lanka’s capital offers some good tourism in Colombo. The country-cum-capital has some really beautiful places to visit. Header Heading: Colombo Tourism Supporting Text: A full guide for a beautiful country with the beautiful capital Colombo tourism Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka is a beautiful place. Surrounded by water from all the four sides, makes it a country, rich in a variety of seafood. It feels like the country’s capital as it is pretty clean and pleasant with many destinations to visit. Honestly, there is no such place which can be called must visit place, but you can always enjoy the water sports at this place. Colombo is the city which offers many adventurous activities such as sky…show more content…
Visit the zoo and check out many unknown species of fauna that you would not have known earlier. The Colombo travel guide offers some great destinations. Explore the history • Colombo Fort Area: There is a lighthouse where you can climb and enjoy the nature’s amazing sight. There is actually no fort, but you can wander around the area for a good time. • National Museum: This is Sri Lanka’s largest museum, which was built in 1876. A peaceful courtyard surrounds the beautiful building that covers the National Museum. It was founded by a British Governor of the Sri Lanka. There are various statues and exhibits and some antique items that were owned by a known family of Sri Lanka. • Memorial Hall: if you are the history lover, you can get to this place. In 1948, Sri Lanka got its independence from Britain. The statue of Sri Lanka’s first president The Father of the Nation is in front of this monument. There are regular religious events and celebrations which occur there. You can enjoy the peace as there is no such crowd in regular days. Wander the

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