The Popularity Of Television In The 1950's

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When one refers to anything as the “Golden Age” they believe that it fits into a time of simplicity and perfection, in which the Golden Age of Television does. Throughout the late 1950’s to the early 1960’s, history refers to this period in time as “The Golden Age of Television.” A time where television had just achieved its rise to popularity with the American audiences. Most people who have lived in this time period, or who have been able to watch TV dramas from this era thanks to Turner Broadcasting Station, have been able to observe a culture that has inspired our future television dramas. From this culture, we have been given a variety of shows that we look upon as today classic’s Game Shows, to Westerns, to Soap Operas to even our Variety Shows, such as The Ed Sullivan Show, Leave it to Beaver, and Philco-Goodyear Playhouse. Based on the fact that everything was live and what you saw on your television set was what you saw actually going, helped to make these shows a part of the Golden Age of Television.…show more content…
However the most popular form of entertainment throughout the 30’s and 50’s was Radio. Between the growing popularity of Television, Radio had been the form of entertainment that most Americans had come to enjoyed listening too. Through music, comedy and dramatic productions, these shows broadcast from week to week, similar to how we broadcast our Television shows. Not only Radio did radio bring entertainment across the nation but it help sever the public interest by providing news coverage. On the contrary, once the early 50’s came into the picture and The Golden Age of Television had become more popular with the American audience, Radio’s popularity had stopped and only declined from then on. Thus paving the way for American audience to enjoy the Golden Age of
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