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Archit Kalla For my mystery book talk, I read Trackers by Patrick Carman, a mystery novel. In this book the main character, Adam Henderson, is getting interrogated because a crime was committed in which Adam was the victim. The story takes place in the present day, that goes on for a span of a few weeks. Adam tells the interrogator that his friends, The Trackers, had their futuristic inventions stolen by a mysterious duo. Although the story didn’t involve the friends until later because Adam felt it was personal. Then eventually the entire group goes after the two people in a raging hunt for revenge. As the friends kept on tracking the duo was also stalking adam finding almost everything about his personal life. It was a tough mission in which everything that they had ever done was at stake.…show more content…
In the book one main use of suspense is adding more and more complications in the plot. Towards the end of the story when they were about to find out who the people where who tried to steal Adams stuff. The author explained this a lot by add in new events and details like the simply falling was described in great detail. Second the author drops hints about the future in many ways. The author especially does this when Adam starts to talk about how he became a victim then he starts telling them that he “didn’t know” what was to come. Third, the author delays events a lot during this story. An example in where the author does that is when the friends are tracking the duo down but the author breaks the event by going into flashbacks. Lastly, the author makes the reader care about the character in many ways. One important way was when the duo was stalking Adam and Adam was worrying about his

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